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Athena LaTocha

Winter Workspace 2018

Pictured Above: Untitled Desert (in progress), 2017, sumi ink and desert earth on paper, 132 x 396 feet. Courtesy of the artist.

Athena LaTocha has investigated non-traditional approaches to image making while working on a large scale. Based upon her experience of growing up in Alaska, over the past few years she has been on brief explorations of national sites such as Badlands, Devils Tower, Craters of the Moon, and the Spiral Jetty. Most recently, she competed a residency in the New Mexico high desert where she studied the dynamic landscape preserved in national parks in the region. She also visited sites such as Los Alamos and the Very Large Array where human capability and invention has been pushed to its extreme. These visits are her inspiration to immerse herself in the natural spectacle at Wave Hill to work extensively from. 

Inspired by Earthworks artists of the 1960s and 70s, LaTocha will contemplate the natural environment at Wave Hill to further develop and consolidate her ideas about working with landscape. Through ongoing considerations of landscape and land art, LaTocha will explore the use of reclaimed and found organic materials in her image making process. Combining painting and sculpture in consideration of Earthworks, she will work on large-scale, immersive, sumi ink paintings. Pulling together painting and land art, the artist will move her practice in new directions, literally capturing natural impressions as found at Wave Hill.

Athena LaTocha will be present for Drop-In Studio Sundays on March 11 and March 18 from 1 to 3PM.

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