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Austin Thomas

Winter Workspace 2018

Pictured Above: Square and Hexagonal Features on Both Sides, 2017, watercolor, pen and pencil on sketchbook 7.7 x 10.8 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Austin Thomas is a cultural producer and artist who is interested in making connections between current art-making practices and art historical ideas. Thomas views the world around her as a creative space and utilizes her sketchbook as a portable studio that she fills with drawings and collages. During the Winter Workspace Thomas will continue this process by using her travel time to draw en route to Wave Hill, developing a body of work that begins on the subway and expands to the garden. She will start new larger work - colleges and paintings - as well as small-scale installations or three-dimensional models inspired by her commute drawings. Thomas intends to look at plants and incorporate what is observed at Wave Hill into her work, linking abstractions to the real world. The work will be a meditation on the dichotomies of small and large, nature and city, shadow and colorful forms, abstraction, and real life.

In addition to her art practice, Thomas ran a community-oriented, artist-centered space called Pocket Utopia and now runs an art salon that focuses on political action and community building out of her apartment, called “Apartment 38.” Thomas has also exhibited work here at Wave Hill’s Glyndor Gallery exhibition Garden Improvement in 2006.

Austin Thomas will be present for Drop-In Studio Sundays on January 21st and 28th from 1-3pm.

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