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Janelle Iglesias

Call & Response | September 10–December 3, 2017

Pictured above: Office Plants (Jade, Aloe), 2017, photocopies, paper, wire, papier-mâché, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist and Wave Hill. Photo: Stefan Hagen.

Office Plants is a series of sculptures that questions our relationship to the natural world through replication and commodification. By using photocopies of succulents, plants commonly placed in office spaces, Iglesias reconstructs these plants from reproduced images made on a photocopier. Office Plants illustrates the irony of the human tendency to replicate nature in artificial forms in order to maintain a connection to the environment.

overture to Whirl
Sunroom Project Space | June 6–July 19, 2009 

overture to Whirl, 2009, mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Stefan Hagen.

Wave Hill announces overture to Whirl, a Sunroom Project by Janelle Iglesias. For this new work, Iglesias mimics the construction strategies of the bowerbird to create an immense, intricately adorned, sculptural environment. The bowerbird, an avian “installation artist,” is known for its obsessive scavenging of detritus to decorate elaborately designed habitats, or bowers. Accordingly, Iglesias collected materials from her neighborhood as well as on the grounds of Wave Hill and its immediate vicinity, to create her own bower in the Sunroom.

In the process, Iglesias marries natural elements with synthetic ones, configuring a scavenged coat rack into a tree-like armature woven with felled branches and discarded umbrellas. Inspired by a tree house built at Wave Hill by Mark Twain in 1902, as well as by the bird life and beehives on Wave Hill’s grounds, she intends for the piece to have a frenetic, whirling energy. To this end, she hones in on unexpected, quirky details, such as pinwheels of coffee stir-sticks and brightly colored feathers, which suggest a feeling of aerial movement. This project also demonstrates a conscious effort on the artist’s part to make artwork with environmentally and socially responsible intentions. In repurposing these objects, she employs a resourcefulness of means that allows even the most unwanted refuse to become something distinctly beautiful. 



overture to Whirl, 2009, mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Stefan Hagen. 

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