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Max Liboiron

Winter Workspace Program 2011
Glyndor Gallery | February 15 – March 27, 2011

Max Liboiron is an academic and artist whose understandings of environmental relationships were formed in rural northwestern Canada, an area disproportionately affected by poor environmental health, tar sands, reservation poverty, and climate change. As PhD candidate at New York University in Media, Culture and Communication, she works with issues of environmental sustainability and plastic pollution.

Exhibiting in Canada and the United States, her artistic work is a mix of cultural laboratory experiment, environmental activism, and models of economic change. As with previous work, Liboiron creates an installation at Wave Hill out of scavenged trash with a distinctive economy and rules of interaction. The resulting public participation demonstrates that people are not inherently self-maximizing or selfish, but generous, creative, and even daring in their relationships to goods and to each other. Thus, her work is a unique methodology for both imagining sustainable economic and material futures while providing the data to model those futures.

Join Max Liboiron during these open studio days to participate in her interactive installation made of found and reused objects. Through an ongoing exchange with gallery visitors, the project will evolve over the course of her residency.


Elocation, 2010 (detail)

Elocation, 2010 (detail)
Mixed media trash
Rule of exchange: You can take anything that isn’t glued down, and you can glue anything down.

Salt-winning: Equal To or Greater Than, 2010

Salt-winning: Equal To or Greater Than, 2010
Trash, reclaimed road salt, glass, Styrofoam
Rule of exchange: You can take anything at any time as long as you leave something behind of equal or greater value.

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