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Pedro Ramirez

Winter Workspace 2018

Pictured Above: Planet, 2017,ceramic & grass, 12 x12 x12 inches. Courtesy of the Artist

Pedro Ramirez is an artist and educator whose work examines the confluence of ecosystems, ecology and the environment. His latest work is on ongoing series of ceramic vessels which he calls planets. These spherical objects have an origin similar to their namesake.  Beginning as rocky outcrops made of stone, concrete, or clay, they are gradually layered with clays, soils, seeds, plants, and various organic matter which form a crust that sustains life.  

Ramirez will continue work on a series of ceramic vessels he refers to as “living pots”. He will transform these vessels into environments for plants to live and thrive on.  Unlike traditional methods of pairing plants and pottery, this new body of work will flip the relationship inside out and put plants directly on the surface of the clay. Using living plants in his work allows Ramirez to not only utilize their natural aesthetic but also to have an ever-changing metaphor for change, a microenvironment that mirrors life itself.  

Pedro Ramirez will lead a Family Art Project: Living Sculpture on January 20 and 21from 10AM to 1PM.  He will also be present for Drop-In Studio Sundays on January 14 and 21 from 1 to 3PM.

Learn more about the artist here

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