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Tamara Kostianovsky

Winter Workspace 2018

Pictured Above: Trunk I, 2017, Recycled Clothing. Courtesy of the artist

Tamara Kostianovsky makes fabric sculptures and installations centered on the topic of the torn body.  In her work, naturalistic animal parts made out of discarded clothing expose the beauty, violence, and the blunt materiality of the body. The artist, born and raised in Argentina, pulls her visual language from art historical still lives, images of butchered meat, and the mechanized systems of consumption that dominate the production of goods in the developed world. Through her work, she proposes a type of beauty that integrates our corporeal realities to the contemporary systems of industrialization that devour them.

During the Winter Workspace Kostianovsky will depart from the visceral imagery of the torn body and will start developing a new body of sculptural work in which the artist will use fabric to conjure sculptures of severed tree limbs and tree stumps. Interested in creating an indoor version of a dystopic forest, the artist will use textiles of rich textures and colors to reflect an expression of nature as seen through the lens of cloth. 

This project is inspired by the recent death of Kostianovsky’s father and his love of gardening. For this work, the artist will use clothing drawn from her father's wardrobe, seeking to create a type of memorial sculpture that would immortalize his love for life. Concerned with regeneration – the passing of time, feelings of loss, and family heritage—Kostianovsky will imagine growing a forest using the garments her father travelled this life in.  

Tamara Kostianovsky will lead a fabric plant sculptures workshop on March 4. She will also be present for Drop-In Sunday on March 18 from 1 to 3PM.

Learn more about the artist here

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