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Trisha Brown 3
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Dance Performance—Trisha Brown: In Plain Site

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On the grounds
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Trisha Brown 3
Trisha Brown Dance Company; dancers (l-r): Cecily Campbell, Leah Ives. Photo: Ian Douglas.

Tickets for both performances—June 8 and 9—are sold out.

Wave Hill is thrilled to bring dance back to the gardens this summer through a co-production with Trisha Brown Dance Company. This program repeats Wednesday evening, June 9.

Each performance will feature an excerpt from Another Story as in falling (1993), as well as some of Brown’s Early Works, including Accumulation (1971), Leaning Duets (1970), Solo Olos (1976), and Locus (1975), among others. (Please note the program is subject to change). The locations in the gardens range from the garden’s two sweeping lawns, with views of the Hudson River and Palisades; the Aquatic Garden; and three locations near Wave Hill’s Glyndor Gallery. The dancers will perform both together and in smaller groups, breaking apart and coming together over the course of the program. Please note that the garden landscape includes some stairs, uneven surfaces and elevations. Each evening's performance is expected to last about 90 minutes.

Trisha Brown's choreography developed in the urban setting of downtown New York, and her legacy endures through the post-modern dance company she founded in 1970, which is guided by discovering "the extraordinary in the everyday." Wave Hill’s commitment to fostering human connections with the natural world represents the intersection of nature and culture, providing a perfect setting that reveals how Brown's visionary work can resonate in new contexts.

Recent relaxing in COVID-19-related restrictions inspired both institutions to celebrate with evening performances in June. Trisha Brown: In Plain Site allows Brown’s dances to be freed from the constrictions of the conventional stage and to once again be performed in unexpected locations. For this outdoor performance at Wave Hill, selections from the repertory are restaged in a dynamic relationship to the garden’s serene setting, expanding and amplifying Brown’s effortless affinity for naturalizing movement to the physical environment.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will take place in several locations in the gardens, with performers and the audience moving from one to the next. Seating will not be provided—participants should expect to stand or sit on the ground during the dancing and walk to the various performance locations. Wave Hill’s garden landscape includes some stairs, uneven surfaces and elevations.

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