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Di Fronzo Our Lady Maria 02 brightened
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Krystal DiFronzo—Sunroom Project Space 2022

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Glyndor Gallery
Di Fronzo Our Lady Maria 02 brightened
“Our Lady Maria,” 2021, dye on silk gauze, shower curtain rings, 80 x 40 inches. Installed at Green Street Gallery, Easton, PA. Courtesy of the artist

Krystal DiFronzo’s installation in the Sunroom examines the pharmakon, intergenerational trauma, healing practices, and gendered and stereotypical notions of health, care and emotional labor. Imagery on translucent silk hangings comprises figures in states of contortion along with flora and fauna. Painted with natural dyes, the pieces tie in medicinal and spiritual histories of the plants’ symbology and herbal uses. Depicted on the windows of the space is the toxic angel’s trumpet (Brugmansia), a flower associated with hallucinogenic properties.

DiFronzo creates this installation in response to different familial practices of release. One is the Tarantella, a folk dance in southern Italy (where their grandfather is from) that derives from stories about women bitten by a poisonous spider for which the only relief would be an ecstatic dance accompanied by music. Another is the manipulative control their bodybuilding father places on the Brugmansia, which he propagates as a hobby.

Dogtown No Shelter for Thomasine Younger 1753 1829
"Dogtown, No Shelter (for Thomasine Younger 1753-1829)," 2019, natural dyes (cochineal, logwood, iron, osage orange, acacia extract) on silk gauze, rope, rocks, paper. ink. Installed at Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT. Courtesy of the artist
Di Fronzo Messengers and Promises
"Messengers and Promises," 2020, natural dyes (madder root, logwood, pomegranate, osage orange, cochineal, clutch, acacia extract, and iron) on three silk panels, dyed muslin banner with appliqué, glass beads and embroidery, paper cutouts. Window installation for Dirt Palace, Providence, RI. Courtesy of the artist. Image courtesy of Dirt Palace
  • Krystal DiFronzo

    Krystal Di Fronzo

    Krystal DiFronzo

    Krystal DiFronzo is an artist and educator based in Ridgewood, Queens. They have had solo exhibitions at Hume, Chicago; Ballroom Projects, Chicago; and Dirt Palace in Providence, RI. Their work has been shown in group exhibitions at Kingfish Gallery, Buffalo; Western Exhibitions, Chicago; Field Projects, NYC; and digitally through The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program and Perrotin Gallery. They have participated in residencies at The Atlantic Center for the Arts and Lafayette College’s Experimental Printmaking Institute and recently received a Craft Fellowship through Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA. DiFronzo earned a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale School of Art.

    Learn more about the artist at

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