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Wings over Wave Hill: Honeybee Day

All Day
On the Grounds

Wave Hill is home to many different pollinators, including our resident honeybees. Spend the day chatting with beekeepers, visiting our honeybee hives and creating art with the Family Art Project. Swing by The Shop to purchase tasty honey, beeswax candles and host of honeybee-themed gifts. Can't make it to Wave Hill? Check out our online videos to learn about the Wave Hill bees from the comfort of your home.

Honey Extraction
Our hard-working bees have been busy this season! How do we get the honey out of the hives? Check out the sticky process of extracting honey from the comb with Senior Horticultural Interpreter emeritus Charles Day. This how-to video explains it all!

Ask the Beekeeper
Where does beeswax come from? What do bees eat? Why don’t the bees sting you? How did you become a beekeeper? Watch this video with Wave Hill’s beekeeper Junior Schouten to hear amazing facts about honeybees and the complex social structure within a bee colony.

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