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Winter Workspace 2023

All Day
Glyndor Gallery

The Winter Workspace takes place over two, eight-week sessions and provides artists with free studio space, a financial stipend and access to Wave Hill’s living collection. Since 2010, the Winter Workspace has supported more than 140 artists. During their sessions, artists have access to the greenhouses and to horticultural and curatorial staff. Experimentation is encouraged while artists expand their practices at Wave Hill. Artists also engage with public audiences through Drop-In Sundays and Open Studio events. See the calendar for listings. At the core of the Winter Workspace is the recognition that creating art within the context of a garden is a uniquely stimulating experience.

Session 1
January 9–February 19, 2023
Participating artists: Carlos W. Encarnación, SaraNoa Mark, Tomo Mori, Iviva Olenick, Sarah K Williams and Tanika Williams
Drop-In Sundays: January 29 and February 5, 1–3PM

Open Studios: February 18, 1–4PM

Carlos W. Encarnación

Exploring the relationship between natural materials and his Puerto Rican heritage, Carlos W. Encarnación expands on his ongoing project Bodegones, which reflects on interspecies relationships through graphic patterns and printmaking.

Carlos W Encarnacion Headshot
Carlos W. Encarnación
Carlos Encarnacion Website Image
“Aguacates con mosquerío” (2020) from the “Bodegones Series”, 16 x 20 inches, Linocut print, acrylic gouache on paper.
Carlos Encarnacion Website Image2
“Piñas con mosquerío” (2020) from the “Bodegones Series”, 16 x 20 inches, Linocut print, acrylic gouache on paper.

SaraNoa Mark

SaraNoa Mark continues to develop their sculpture Our Streets, combining found sidewalk graffiti with collected, participatory oral histories of the Bronx.

Sara Noa Mark Headshot
SaraNoa Mark
Sara Noa Mark Website Image
“Yazilikaya” (2022), dimensions variable, concrete panels carved from cast clay originals
Sara Noa Mark Website Image2
“Mostly Outdoors” (2022), 15 x 15.5 inches, carved clay

Tomo Mori

Reflecting on the harmony between nature and humanity, Tomo Mori creates ropes from recycled textiles. These are then spun into large-scale installations to experiment with the possibilities of interactivity and dwelling within her constructed forms.

Tomo Mori Headshot credit Photo by Sade Boyewa El
Tomo Mori, Photo: Sade Boyewa El
Tomo Mori Website Image
“The Knot” (2022), 10 x 6 x 3 feet, donated/used fabrics, acrylic filling and wire
Tomo Mori Website Image2
"Our Little People” (2018), approximately 3 x 3 x 3 feet, donated/used fabrics, toddler shoes, wire.

Iviva Olenick

Iviva Olenick researches plants in Wave Hill’s Herb Garden that impact the human female reproductive system in terms of fertility, menstruation, abortion and more. The artist uses naturally dyed fabrics, beading and embroidery to continue her Botanical Bodies series, which considers the interdependence of plants and humans.

Iviva BW headshot
Iviva Olenick
Iviva Olenick Website Image
“Women Birth Whole Communities” (2022), 7.5 x 7.25 inches, embroidery on fabric
Iviva Olenick Website Image2
“Home Brew Women's Healthcare” (2022), 16.5 x 15 x 1 inches, embroidery and beading on fabric with indigo leaf and marigold petal print and marigold-dyed fabric

Sarah K Williams

Investigating plants in the greenhouses and the ways in which they adapt to their environment, Sarah K Williams creates an experimental short film focused on the parallels between plant defense mechanism and human survival tactics.

Sarah K Williams Headshot
Sarah K. Williams
Sarah K Williams Website Image
“On the Upkeep of Demanding Shapes” (2021)
Sarah K Williams Website Image2
“Orientation” (2022)

Tanika Williams

Tanika Williams creates plaster sculptures inspired by the garden’s environment, encapsulating features of composted materials, botanical specimens and the fraught, colonial histories of gardens.

Tanika Williams Headshot Image credits Duane Garay
Tanika Williams, Photo: Duane Gray
Tanika Williams Website Image2
“Atlantic Correspondence”
Tanika Williams Website Image
“ROOTwork” (2021)

Session 2
February 21–April 2, 2023
Participating artists: Jill Cohen-Nuñez, Tusia Dabrowska, Rachel Frank, Peter Hoffmeister, Cinthya Santos Briones and Max Sarmiento

Drop-In Sundays: March 12 and 19, 1–3PM
Open Studios: April 1, 1-4PM 

Jill Cohen-Nuñez

New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellow Jill Cohen-Nuñez translates herbal remedies and the healing properties of plants found in the garden into ceramic sculptures and installations that create participatory spaces for meditation.

Jill Cohen Nunez Headshot
Jill Cohen-Nuñez
Jill Cohen Nunez Website Image
“of Rituals” (2019), dimensions variable, plants, plaster, stones, baskets, clay, moss, brass
Jill Cohen Nunez Website Image 2
“of: a guardian” (2020), 1 foot tall, bronze

Tusia Dabrowska

Tusia Dabrowska collects photo, video, audio and 3-D scans from the plant collections in Wave Hill’s Marco Polo Stufano Conservatory to interrogate the greenhouse as a metaphorical site of refuge from the external environment.

Tusia Dabrowska Headshot
Tusia Dabrowska
Tusia Dabrowska Website Image
“Zones of Exclusion” (Upcoming), experimental documentary still
Tusia Dabrowska Website Image 2
“AI Cosmologies” (Upcoming), machine learning model

Rachel Frank

Focusing on interspecies exchanges regarding environmental issues, Rachel Frank creates ceramic sculptures based on ancient Eurasian offering vessels, designed to hold scent samples collected from sentinel plants and birds that are indicators of climate change.

Rachel Frank Headshot
Rachel Frank
Rachel Frank Website Image
“Thresholds, Hydroponic Rhyton Offering Vessels” (2018), 26 x 26 x 24 inches, stoneware ceramic vessels with glazes on wood platforms, pump, tubing, water, UV light (not pictured), and living edible plants
Rachel Frank Website Image2
“Sentinel Offering Kernos: Woodcock, Oysters, Lichen” (2021), 50 x 43 x 44 inches, stoneware ceramic, glazes, steel, epoxy, and spray paint with native plant species.

Peter Hoffmeister

Peter Hoffmeister investigates and reimagines the architecture of Glyndor Gallery, originally a private home known as Glyndor House, through installations made of slip-cast bricks. These are new iterations of his project Quality Control, which employs site-responsive installations to interrogate historical sites.

Peter Hoffmeister Headshot
Peter Hoffmeister
Peter Hoffmeister Website Image
“Quality Control (NADA House)”, (2022), 20 x 12 x 10 feet, ceramic (clay sourced from Fishers Island, Long Island, Hudson River) and mason line
Peter Hoffmeister Website Image2
“Quality Control (NADA House)”, detail (2022), 20 x 12 x 10 feet, ceramic (clay sourced from Fishers Island, Long Island, Hudson River) and mason line

Cinthya Santos Briones

Using medicinal herbs collected at Wave Hill, Cinthya Santos Briones expands on her ongoing project, Migrant Herbalism, which documents the use of traditional medicine in Mesoamerican indigenous and Latino immigrant communities in New York City. In her workspace, Santos Briones creates an altar to be activated for communal healing, in concert with Indigenous healers.

Cinthya Santos Briones Headshot
Cinthya Santos Briones
Cinthya Santos Briones Website Image
“Herbs” (2021), 18 x 22 inches, hand embroidered blueprint on cotton fabric, made with fennel seeds, bay leaves, castor beans and ginger
Cinthya Santos Briones Website Image2
“Thyme” (2022), 11 x 14 inches, lumen print made with thyme

Max Sarmiento

Max Sarmiento creates life-sized dioramas that capture quotidian life in New York, where he currently resides, and Ecuador, where he was raised. In his work, scenes of the pastoral, urban, magical and real merge to form collaged tableaus of everyday life.

Max Sarmiento Headshot
Max Sarmiento
Max Sarmiento Website Image
“El Gran San Aguilar (Portrait of Luis Aguilar)”, (2021), 21 x 26 inches, acrylic, clay, paper, fabric, wire, wood, glass
Max Sarmiento Website Image 2
“La Gran Batalla Del Agua”, (2020), 24 x 18 inches, oil on paper

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