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Lawrence Gracelee Screen Shot 2020 07 24 at 9 41 56 PM

Sunroom Project Space 2020

Wave Hill commissions a diverse group of emerging New York-area artists to create a new body of work or site-specific project for a solo exhibition in the Sunroom Project Space. The Sunroom provides an engaging setting for artists to contemplate, explore and ultimately transform the gallery using various materials and techniques.

Lawrence Gracelee Screen Shot 2020 07 24 at 9 41 56 PM

Gracelee Lawrence: The Other Escapes, the Ones You Can Open in Yourself

October 2 – December 6

Sited on the lawn behind Glyndor Gallery, Gracelee Lawrence’s arresting sculptural fountain explores the relationship between the body, propagated plants and technology—connections between humans and the natural world—as well as the sociopolitical histories of gardens.

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Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin: M for Membrane

September 5 – October 18

With outdoor and indoor multi-media installations, M for membrane explores the membrane, mystery, and magic of microbial forms, fungi and indigenous mold.

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Zac Skinner Water Coll n Solar Gen Retouched

Zac Skinner: Ecocide Drifter

October 25 – December 6

In the Sunroom, Zac Skinner’s installation of paintings and sculptures explores ecological history, the Anthropocene and a dystopic future—consequences of land and water pollution, industry, capitalism, and other threats that have caused the displacement of vulnerable individuals and entire ecosystems.

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