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Family Art Project: Fleeting Fluttering Moths

Wave Hill House
Fap birthday 08 joshua bright
Photo: Joshua Bright

What do you know about fluttering moths? How are they different from butterflies? Let’s answer some mothy questions and then make moth sculptures to celebrate these ephemeral friends. On Sunday, see live moth caterpillars and learn more about them!

Registration not required.

The program takes place indoors in the Kerlin Learning Center located on the lower level of Wave Hill House.

Wave Hill House is located along a paved route with moderate changes in grade. The building is wheelchair-accessible. There is an accessible, ground-level entrance at the front of the building with a power-assist door. The restroom on the ground level is all-gender and ADA-compliant. Additional ADA-compliant restrooms are available on the lower level, which can be accessed by elevator.

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