A public garden & cultural center

Wild Garden

This dynamic hillside garden at the highest point at Wave Hill offers narrow paths to explore and spectacular river views. Select wild species from around the world combine to achieve a “planted-by-nature” effect. This garden was inspired by the informally planted English wild gardens as championed by William Robinson (1838-1935), an influential nineteenth-century author and garden designer. Check the Perkins Visitor Center or wavehill.org for special programs related to The Wild Garden and the current exhibition in Glyndor Gallery. 

Highlights this Summer

Just a taste of what's blooming at Wave Hill

Bear's Breeches

Bear's Breeches (Acanthus hungaricus)

The highly ordered flower spikes of bear's breeches contrast with the casual plan of the Wild Garden. This clump-forming perennial from the Balkans produces large racemes in mid-summer above spiny, thistle-like foliage.